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East Coast Float Spa

Float Away Stress!

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East Coast Float Spa recently opened in West Chester, making it the largest Float Spa in the entire tri-state area. The unique Spa brings the healing and rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea to individuals looking to Float away their physical and mental stresses. East Coast Float Spa provides a calming setting free from the noises, harsh lights, and distractions of the world, which allows the mind and body to naturally achieve a level of relaxation that is anything but ordinary and exclusive to Floating!

Popular along the west coast of the United States and in Europe, Floating has recently gained momentum, although most people remain unaware of its amazing benefits. Notable celebrities such as Joe Rogan, John Lennon and Olympic athlete Carl Lewis as well as professional sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys have all used and advocated the powerful and positive impact of Floating.

Whereas most existing Float centers offer only isolation tanks that were originally designed for research purposes, East Coast Float Spa has three custom-built, modern, and spacious Float Rooms housed within individual, private suites. The Spa’s automated, computerized filtration system maintains 10 inches of pristine water, heated to skin temperature, and filled with 1,000 pounds of highest-quality Epsom salts. This provides a serene and unparalleled environment in which everyone floats effortlessly, much like in the Dead Sea. Free of gravity and stress, the mind and body get to fully rest in a natural way that most people never get to experience in today’s always-on society of computer screens, mobile devices, caffeine-induced mental stimulation, and the inevitable physical fatigue from long periods of sitting. 

Floating helps people in ways that no other service around can provide. It benefits anyone who is seeking relief from stress or chronic pain, would like to get a better night’s sleep, or is just looking for a tranquil place to unplug, unwind, and find peace of mind. Other scientifically proven benefits include a faster healing and recovery process; decreased levels of cortisol, lactic acid and adrenaline; an enhanced sense of calm and well-being; the elimination of fatigue and jetlag; improved mental clarity; and the diminishment of depression and addictions.

In addition to its three innovative Float Rooms, East Coast Float Spa’s Clients can continue to relax even further in its Post Float Lounge, with the calming ambiance of the rock waterfall heightened with Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs, a flavored Oxygen Bar, custom-made organic tea blends, as well as complementary organic tea and organic fruit-infused water. After Floating, there’s no rush to get back to traffic!

East Coast Float Spa is additionally proud to be an all-natural and organic Spa and welcomes everyone to learn more by visiting their website, contacting them with questions, or heading into the Spa to see why Floating has been called the next big thing in the Health and Wellness industry!


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Location/Contact Information

East Coast Float Spa
569 E. Gay St.
West Chester, PA 19380

(484) 881-3413


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