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In creating Zoup!, we've set out to provide themost varieties of the best-tasting soups ever made.Our true goal, however, goes beyond the obvious.What we really want to do is create an oasis inpeople's lives. And, although we realize that doingso is a far greater and more elusive task thansimply making great soup, we also know that -- unlike any other food -- souphas powerful and intangible qualities that provide comfort and promote agenuine sense of well-being for many people.

That's why at Zoup!, everything matters. And, that's why we always operatewithin a framework of principles and uncompromisingly high standards.Standards that influence our space and packaging. Standards that ensurethat we never consider any but the finest, natural ingredients. Standards thatguarantee the authenticity and quality of every pot, bowl and cup we serve.And, while all of this may seem extravagant for a business like ours, withoutthis framework, Zoup! would merely be soup.

Visit our two locations; Glen Eagle Square Shopping Center, Route 202, Glen Mills and 235 Lancaster Ave., Frazer, PA

Certificate Details

  • Delivery Method: Mail (Shipping and Handling will apply)
  • Offer Begins: 6/28/2010 @ 10:00 am
  • How many can I buy?: 4
  • Face Value: $5
  • Will I get cash back?: No
  • Can I use more than one per visit?: No
  • Can I use it more than once?: No
  • Include alcohol?: No
  • Reservations required?: No
  • Valid with other offers/promotions?: No
  • Used for gratuity and taxes?: No
  • Other restrictions: One certificate per person/per visit

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509 Wilmington West Chester Pike
ALSO - 235 Lancaster Ave in Frazer
Glen Mills, PA



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